Driving Instructor Dagenham

If you are looking for an instructor in Dagenham, Boss Driving has got you covered with the most experienced and talented professionals

A lot of people may find the prospect of learning to drive to be quite a daunting one. There is one major element that contributes significantly towards reducing the stress and anxiety of a driving lesson, i.e. the competence of your driving instructor. If you are on the lookout for a competent driving instructor in Dagenham, get in touch with Boss Driving.

Qualities of a good driving instructor

Before you hire an instructor, you should be well aware of the qualities of a competent instructor:

  • Strong knowledge of operating a vehicle (manual and automatic) as well as traffic rules and regulations
  • Impeccable communication skills
  • Patience
  • Punctuality

In addition to these qualities, our tutors have years of experience, are DVSA certified and CRB checked.

In order to help you make the right choice we offer a test ride with our driving instructor in Dagenham and the other areas we service. This helps you decide whether you both are the right fit or compatible.

Usually there are two reasons for road accidents, inexperience and a lack of ability to anticipate another road user’s behaviour in a certain situation. At the Boss Driving, we are committed to helping novices become responsible expert drivers, by educating our pupils on what can happen on the road, we believe that we can help them avoid accidents.

In addition, our instructors organise mock tests. These tests simulate actual test conditions and prepare you for the big day.

Get in touch:

If you are looking for a driving instructor in Dagenham who possesses all the important qualities, come to the Boss Driving. To book your lessons with us or to get more details you can call us at 01708 521339.