You have the right spot if you are learning to drive in Upminster or improve your driving skills. Boss Driving School is one of Upminster’s most well-organized and famous motoring schools. We provide affordable Driving Lessons in Upminster from qualified and professional instructors.

All of our instructors are fully qualified and Professional. All Driving Instructors in Upminster have years of experience in driving skills, and all of them are CBA Certified and DSVA-approved ADIs (Approved Driving Instructors). In addition, with our extensive Pass Plus and fresh courses and motorway driving lessons, we have something customized to meet your needs.

Whether you want a provisional driving license instantly or advanced driving skills, we are broad for every demand. At Boss Driving School, we also provide training in driving tuition to those students who wish to polish their driving skills and become confident drivers. If you have migrated from another nation, our comprehensive, intensive course dramatically benefits you.


As one of the top Driving Schools in Upminster, We realize that everyone will learn at a different step, so we make our bespoke driving lesson plan according to your learning ability to ensure that you know everything.c

Intensive Driving Course:

Canterbury Driving Instruction: In one week, get top-notch intensive driving courses, driving crash courses in manual or automatic cars, and a driving test.

Crash Course:

We provide a crash driving course/intensive driving course for learner drivers aiming to pass their driving test quickly.

Pass Plus Course:

Pass Plus is a certificate newly qualified drivers can take to enhance their skills. However, it comes with limitations on your insurance coverage – incredibly high for new drivers. Our Pass Plus course covers town driving, all-weather driving, rural driving, dual carriageways, and motorway driving. It will equip you to handle any driving situation and avoid potentially dangerous situations confidently.

Driving Lessons in Upminster

Refresher Courses:

Re-learning safe driving principles can improve your driving skills, making you a safer and more confident driver while reducing the risk to yourself, your passengers, and other road users.

Intensive Lessons:

Learn to drive fast with our intensive driving lessons! Contact your instructor for details.

We develop a two-one-hour-lessons-a-week plan. We utilize the first two lessons to examine how to manage the remaining course according to your expertise and availability. Our vouchers allow individuals to receive driving lessons or blocks of driving lessons. If you want to repeat a class, our professional instructors will gladly teach you again at affordable prices.

Our Instructors

Our experienced, DVSA-approved, and CBA-certified instructors aim to be competent drivers for life. We offer automatic and manual driving lessons with a Peugeot 208 equipped with dual controls for safety. Students can choose between male and female instructors to ensure compatibility. Our expert driving instructors at Upminster have a proven track record of helping students pass their driving tests. Our Pass Plus program offers practical driving skills enhancement and potential insurance premium reductions. Our female driving instructor has over a decade of experience catering to learners of all levels, including those with disabilities.



Drive Confidently With Boss Driving School in Upminster

Gaining the ability to drive is a significant life milestone, and at Boss Driving School, we know how important it is to give you top-notch driving instruction that will help you pass your test and boost your confidence and safety on the road. Our driving school, based in Upminster, provides thorough instruction customized to meet your needs and make you a safe driver.

Benefits of Taking Driving Lessons

Enhanced Safety:

We strongly emphasize hazard perception and defensive driving in our excellent driving tuition, which will significantly increase your level of road safety.

Direction via Scenarios:

Excellent driving instructors guide you through various driving scenarios, equipping you to handle unforeseen circumstances confidently.

Building Confidence:

Our driving classes are tailored to meet the needs of both novices and experienced drivers and to instill confidence in students.

Personalized Learning:

We foster a good environment where you may advance at your speed with fantastic, understanding, and encouraging driving instructors.

Tailored Driving Lessons:

Because every learner is different, we at Boss Driving School provide individualized lesson plans to meet your needs. We provide flexible scheduling options to fit your busy schedule, whether you prefer morning or evening sessions or weekday or weekend training.
Driving Instructors in Upminster
You will receive the best instruction possible thanks to the wealth of knowledge and experience that our team of certified driving instructors possesses. They modify their teaching strategies to fit your preferred learn-driving. Vehicles act differently on the road, so more than a single-vehicle professional and an expert driver is needed for each car.

Comprehensive Course Offerings

We have a large selection of courses to suit students of all skill levels. From beginner driving lessons for those just starting their journey behind the wheel to intensive driving lessons for those looking to pass their test quickly, we have you covered. Additionally, we provide a Pass Plus course and automatic driving lessons to enhance your driving skills for life.

Quality Instruction:

Boss Driving School is unique because we are dedicated to offering top-notch training. Not only are our fantastic driving instructors extremely skilled, but they also have a strong enthusiasm for teaching. They set up an interactive learning environment where you can practice until you feel comfortable driving and asking questions.

Affordable Pricing:

Driving instruction shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive, so we provide affordable and cheap driving lessons. Our lesson plans are made to be as cost-effective as possible, guaranteeing that you will obtain top-notch training without going over your budget. Additionally, we frequently run special offers and promotions to further reduce the cost of learning to drive.

Convenient Location and Facilities:

Our Upminster driving school conveniently has plenty of parking spaces. With the newest teaching tools and technology to improve your learning experience, our state-of-the-art classrooms offer a relaxing and accommodating atmosphere for learning.

Booking Service

Scheduling your driving lessons with Boss Driving School is simple and quick. To schedule your first lesson, visit our learners app or call us. Our helpful customer service representatives are here to answer any questions you may have and help you begin developing your driving confidence.

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FAQs | Driving Lessons in Upminster

Do you have Automatic Driving Instructors in Upminster?

Our driving school in Upminster offers a variety of automated driving instructors for individuals interested in learning how to drive an automatic car. Our qualified driving instructors, locals with a deep understanding of Upminster and the surrounding areas, are equipped to provide comprehensive training and guidance to learners preparing for their driving test.

Are there any mock driving tests available in Upminster?

We offer mock tests in Upminster to help students prepare for their driving tests. Whether you have an upcoming exam or need a second opinion after a failed attempt, we can help. Contact us for a practice exam to better prepare yourself. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you gain the knowledge and practice needed to approach your driving exam confidently.

Do you offer Driving Lessons in Upminster on the Evenings and Weekends?

At Boss Driving School in Upminster, we offer driving lessons on evenings and weekends to accommodate your schedule and ensure convenient learning opportunities. 

How do I pass my driving license test for the first time?

Preparing yourself mentally and practically is essential if you want to pass your driving test the first time. For safe driving skills, learn the fundamentals from a certified instructor, become familiar with traffic laws, practice in various situations, remain composed, obey directions, and keep a positive attitude.

How do you book a driving theory test in Upminster?

To book a Driving Theory Test in Upminster, visit our range of service page on the Boss Driving website. From there, you can easily find guidance on scheduling your test appointment through the official channels provided by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Are you ready to book your practical driving test?

Ready to take the next step and book your practical driving test? Explore our intensive courses in Upminster and get on the road to obtaining your full driving license with confidence!


In addition to teaching our pupils how to drive safely, we also help them pass the theory test by offering them practice tests. If you have already passed your test, we can assist you in obtaining your Pass Plus.


Get Driving Lessons In Rainham or Rainham from DVSA-approved instructors. For more information dial TEL: 01708 521339 or MOB:07956 283682.


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