Lesson Plan

A Plan For You

At BOSS, we intend to get you driving as soon as possible. When you begin learning with us, it is our priority to work out your lesson plan. Of course, all drivers have different abilities, and therefore we need to customize a plan tailored for you and your lifestyle. How Does it Work? We like to impose a two-hour-a-week lesson plan, as this seems to be the most beneficial to a learner, although it is entirely your choice if more or less is wanted. After the first one/two lessons, your instructor will analyze your skills and give a set amount of lessons that will be required for you. A typical 10hour lesson plan works like this:

Your Lesson’sPlease note: Lessons are Tailored for the Individual
1Cockpit drill and briefs of the car mechanics.
Setting the gas, Moving off, clutch control, and breaking.
2Driving on back roads learning to steer efficiently. POM
3Driving on back roads, small roads, and turning corners, and getting up to fourth gear. Pulling over and pulling away safely.
4Experiencing meet situations, different traffic lights, and analyzing the road.
5Starting reversing.
7Pull up on the right and reverse
8Driving into a bay and reverse out
9&10Parallel park and refreshing other maneuvers.

An Instructor For You


It is essential to have the right instructor to teach you. At Boss, we have highly experienced instructors with years of expertise. They know the expectations of a candidate that should pass. They structure their lesson’s to ensure that you are prepared for your test, including running a mock test to secure your confidence. They will help with both the theory and practical side of driving, so there is no need to panic!

The car for you


The Peugeot 208 is a terrific car to learn in. Peugeot has built their cars on a reputation of trouble-free motoring. Peugeot guarantees a high standard of build, which is small and versatile and a great car to learn in.