Driving Lessons Tilbury

Boss Driving offers driving lessons in Tilbury to pass your driving test with Flying colours

Learning how to drive is a major milestone in everybody’s life. You are probably excited, nervous and scared at the same time. Boss Driving helps you excel in achieving this milestone by offering driving lessons in Tilbury.

Our Instructors:

Like other courses, a driving course has to be the right fit for you. An integral contributor in determining this fit is the student- instructor relationship. We understand that when you are learning to drive, it is very important that you feel 100% comfortable with your instructor.

When you come to us, we let you meet the instructors. Our instructors are friendly and calm. Even if you are learning in the midst of stressful city traffic, they will ensure that the stress on the road remains outside the vehicle and you learn to drive in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Furthermore, our instructors understand that every student’s learning abilities are different. They customize their training program according to the learning ability of the student so that they can train comfortably and confidently.

Our lessons:

Our driving course is spread over ten lessons where we cover the basics before moving on to the trickier aspects such as reversing and parallel parking. Our lessons are planned to carefully to cover all the aspects of driving and ensure that the learner has a firm grip on each of them.

If you would like to focus on polishing particular driving skills, then you can ask our instructors to come up with a customized lesson plan that caters to your requirements, so you can pass the driving test with flying colours. If you have already passed your test, we can help you take the Pass Plus.


When you book us for the entire course, we give you a discount. A single one hour lesson at Boss Driving School costs £24, but if you book the first 10 hours with us, you will only have to pay £220.

Contact us:

Get to know more about our driving lessons in Tilbury by calling us at 01708 521339.